Semantic Victory is a blog about unconventional ways of language learning. On this site I write a few posts every week about how to make language learning faster, easier and more fun.

Conventional ways of teaching a foreign language include studying irrelevant and boring material and rely heavily on rote repetition. If you studied any language at school or in college, you know what I’m talking about.

Some language courses take a step further and apply innovative teaching methods to speed up studies, but they are rather short. Students still need adapted material after the course and don’t know how to study on their own. Courses don’t teach how to self-teach yourself.

Semantic Victory breaches the gap and shows how to self-teach yourself a new language — having fun doing it.

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About the author

Yuri KarabatovHi, I’m Yuri Karabatov. I love to improve and simplify.

I’ve been studying languages for as long as I can remember. My dad wrote training programs on a ZX Spectrum for me to study English (my native language is Russian) before I went to school.

When I did go to school, I studied English and later German. At my first university it was only English; second — English and French. To tell the truth, I feel sorry for not attending Spanish courses as well :)

I’ve been studying languages all my life, and it’s awful to see how much time is wasted to conventional teaching methods.

I graduated two years ago and have been studying latest research in psychology and linguistics since. There’s so much the teachers were not aware about!

I was stunned to find out that there had been so few attempts to connect practical knowledge, experiments in cognitive psychology and linguistics, and linguistic research. Experimental results settle down in a few scientific magazines and libraries and never make it to textbooks or practical guides. Research seldom reaches someone to push it further into practice.

Here and there I’ve found lots of small details which can be put into a well thought-out simple system, allowing to supercharge language learning.

I’m anxious to share all this with you.