Weekend Links: January 16

Let me share with you the most interesting and inspiring posts I’ve come across through the week.

Why it doesn’t matter whose or what method you follow by Benny Lewis

Benny reasonably states that although there is a score of language learning programs and methods out there, there is no guarantee any of them will work for you personally. You have to try out some of the for yourself and find out which works best. If none does, make your own method.

Remember: there is no placebo. All people are different, and what works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another. That’s why there are so many methods around: each of them actually works for someone.

Always Think This Way by Julien Smith

This is a small, but inspiring post. “I am better today than yesterday, and I will be better tomorrow. I am a champion standing over my former self.

Don’t Compare Your English With Others! by Robby Kukurs

Though Robby’s post concerns English, the same is true for any other language you are studying, so be sure to read it. In the post he explains that you should not be discouraged at someone who speaks better than you, but you should learn from them instead.

Besides, they may be just enthusiastic about one topic and speak fluently within its limits, while being at a loss in conversations about other topics. All in all, there will always be someone who speaks better than you, and there’s no point in pitying yourself about the fact. You should be confident and learn from your mistakes to be better next time.

GED Test at Franklin Virtual High Schools

Take the GED test confidently by properly preparing with the education professionals at Franklin Virtual Schools.

They say it’s the fastest and lowest-cost way to pass a GED, which is, on top of it, is completely online. Have a look if you’re considering taking a GED test.

High School Diploma at Jefferson High School Online

If you need a high school diploma, look no further. Come visit Jefferson High School Online today!

Third challenge for 2011: learn to speak Turkish by Randy

This year Randy, who is writing at Yearlyglot, will be learning Turkish. His goal is to become fluent in the language over the course of one year. If you learn Turkish, follow Randy’s posts to get tips and advice. In the post he explains his reasons for choosing Turkish.

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