Weekend Links: January 23

Today I’m sharing only two posts, but they are both a treat to read. Hope you enjoy them as I have!

Learning grammar… do I have to? by Benny Lewis

Benny, who studies a new language every three or even two months, shares his thoughts of an experienced polyglot on the matter of learning grammar from the start — or skipping it altogether. Click through to get all the goodness. Oh, and don’t forget to check out the comments, there are some valuable thoughts worth reading, too.

I totally agree with him that, as he puts it, “grammar is useful for making a language sound correct, but not for actually getting started”. That’s true. In my Japanese studies I avoid grammar as such, focusing on model, real-world sentences instead. Grammar for a beginner’s level is so simple that I pick it up as I go, not even having a second glance on it.

Глагол недели. Брать — взять. by Yulia Amlinskaya

You must have already guessed that the post is in Russian. Yes, it is, but it’s intended for the learners of Russian. By the way, Yulia’s blog Russificate is on the top ten list on bab.la in the category “Language Teaching”.

Yulia does a great job of explaining how to use one of the most common verbs in Russian, which means “to take”. Moreover, the post is complete with audio, examples, all the verb forms and even a short exercise with answers. Learners of Russian: don’t miss it.

See you next week. I hope you’ve had a great weekend!

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